Invoice Ninja self-hosted solutions

Free open-source invoicing, Expenses and Time tracking

Invoice Ninja is a free and open-source invoicing, expenses and time tracking system with numerous additional features, ideal for small to medium business and e-shops. You can buy a cloud hosted version which includes application support directly from the developers and authors of the software at or download the software and install it on your own server and get supported in case of issues by the big community at the forums and github page of the project.

Check the complete list of application features and payment gateways supported. More features and integrations are always in development and you can even make feature requests and propose new ideas because Invoice Ninja is a community driven open-source software.

If you want more privacy and total control of your data but you are not a server and software expert, we provide tailor made custom hosting solutions for self-hosted or on the premises Invoice Ninja installations starting as low as €9.59/month including server maintenance and application updates. We don’t provide application support but we ensure that the software runs on secure systems and with enough resources for your business’s needs and we take the burden of keeping those systems up and running, from you.

Our services include:
  • Sizing up the required systems for your application needs.
  • Installing, optimizing and securing the operating system. We use Ubuntu Linux long time supported versions as our favorite server operating system for Invoice Ninja.
  • Installing the latest released version of Invoice Ninja, securing its access with SSL encryption and verifying its operational status.
  • Monitoring and maintaining of the systems used to ensure stable and secure operation.
  • Advise on required systems upgrades as you grow and on correct backup and recovery practices. We can offer also complete automated backup solutions.
  • Upgrading the application to the latest version.
  • For on premises installations we can provide, install and support the hardware (depending on the location but we offer also remote support services).

Contact us so we can build together the best available solution for you Invoice Ninja system installation and maintenance.

We are not affiliated with the website and business, we just like this open-source software and we are actively supporting installations for some clients. We are also providing a complete hosting and maintenance solution to a non-profit organization in our area free of charge.

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Invoice Ninja is released under the Attribution Assurance License. See LICENSE for details.

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