Professional after-sales support is essential for any computer system. It ensures that your company’s work-flow remains as undisturbed as possible. Here at Kernel IT Solutions we provide you with various levels of support suited to your specific needs. Of course, we provide remote support services for any platform (Linux, Windows, etc). Finally, most home/business users depend on a solid support to assist in keeping their systems up-to-date, secure from modern threats and working as expected. Here at Kernel IT Solutions we value support to our customers as our number one priority.

Systems Integration is another vital service your company will require over time, as systems providers and platforms change. For example, old data that need to be migrated to modern systems, old servers that need to inter-operate with new ones, etc… Kernel IT Solutions is always there to assist in all these tasks.

 Finally, if you want to do something new, we are always on your side. We can evaluate, design and implement the solutions that you need and integrate them to your existing systems, to accommodate your evolving needs.